Unclaimed Capital Credits

Unclaimed Capital Credits

Public Notice


    Pursuant to its by-laws, Citizens Electric Corporation hereby gives notice of the following unclaimed deposits, account balances, patronage capital checks or refunds to those inactive shareholders who, by resolution of the Board of Directors, have had their stock in the Corporation redeemed at the par value of said stock and  for which the named owner cannot be found.  If these funds are not duly claimed within sixty (60) days of this notice, the same shall be allocated to those who are members as of the year and on a pro rata basis for the year in which the 60th day falls after the published notice.  The entire list of owners names is printed in alphabetical order.  A complete list of names can also be found on Citizens Electric Corporation web site at www.cecmo.com.  Choose the box labeled Unclaimed Listing for more information.  *Denotes amount is less than $5.00.  **Denotes amount is less than $1.00.

Members with unclaimed assets

Request for unclaimed assets

Please direct inquiries to:

Citizens Electric Corporation

PO Box 368

Perryville, MO 63775