Demand and Time of Use

Demand and Time of Use

To better serve you, our member-owners, we are changing the look of our bills to show your peak demand and the amount of power you consume during on-peak and off-peak periods. This new bill gives members the opportunity to evaluate and manage usage habits prior to any possible change in our rate structure.

Time of Use/Demand pricing has been popular across the country for many years. It is currently gaining popularity in Missouri and throughout the Midwest. It allows members to have more control over their bills. Dynamic pricing ensures fairness for all members.

Current rates have demand charges built-in with no difference between on-peak and off-peak rates. CEC’s demand cost is spread equally among all kilowatt-hours regardless of how usage aligns with peak demand. But peak demand and time-of-use certainly impacts what CEC pays our wholesale supplier, Wabash Valley Power Alliance (WVPA).

New bills have a line item showing your peak demand. There is no charge associated with this line. It is placed there to help you understand how you impact peak demand, or your highest demand on the grid for a one-hour period, Monday through Friday (excluding holidays) between 1 pm and 7 pm Central Time. This six-hour period is considered on-peak. All other hours, including all weekend hours, are off-peak. 

Additionally, bills will show how much electricity you use during on-peak and off-peak periods. Monitoring your demand and usage during peak times is simple. Using our app CEC Mobile or the Member Portal at, you can view hourly usage. By learning what appliances cause the highest demand, measuring, and managing becomes much easier.

It is our hope at CEC that you will begin to view, measure, and manage your peak demand and usage.

We all pay less to WVPA by reducing peak demand and on-peak usage. This is an opportunity for you to help control rates by lowering peak demand and on-peak usage. A full graphic of the new bill can be found on